Worst hotels experiences people have shared


Hotels can be awesome spots that motivate you and help you disregard every one of your issues. That is the thing that happens when hoteliers and the staff all work in a state of harmony to give the most ideal support of their visitors. Hotels can be fantastic places that inspire you and help you forget about all your problems.

There are plenty of hotels in the market. Some hotels are so bad that they’ll have you screaming, running away and thanking the heavens that you’re safe in your own bed.

  • Baby snake under sheets

  • Heat Lamp Vs. Bathroom Door in hotel room

  • Shower at the hotel in China

  • Look what is found under the sheets…… used hair extensions?

  • The Pool At Hotel In Birmingham, Alabama.

  • This Is Why You Should Check The Hotel Coffee Maker Before Using It

  • A Really Very Nice Hotel Room

  • Bedbugs in Hotel room 

  • A Pleasant surprise in Hotel Room

  • A “Quality” Hotel Room in Moscow

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