Why is the “Dead Sea” called Dead Sea?


A sea of Israel is known as the Dead Sea. Why the name of the sea is ‘Dead Sea’? Let’s know some secrets related to this:

This sea is about 1375 ft and 420 meters deep from the surface of the earth and is nearly about 2400 feet below from the sea surface. It is known for its high density. The particulars of this sea are that there is no sinking. Man can float very easily without any fear.

Compared to ordinary water, its water contains 20 times more bromine, 50 times more magnesium, and 10 times more iodine. Because of this, neither this water is used for drinking, nor it can be used for salt. Due to the high concentration of salt, the aquatic creatures cannot survive in this sea. That’s why this sea is called the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is located between Israel and Jordan. This ocean is spread in the small area. It is known as the Arabian lake. It has always been the center of attraction for foreign tourists. The Jordan River and other small rivers fall into this ocean. Due to its beauty and its surroundings, it was included in the list of 28 places selected in seven wonders of the world in 2007. There are many picnic spots and hotels built near this sea.

People enjoy swimming in this ocean on the occasions of holidays and they come to the edges and put black mud on their body and face. It is believed that this mud cleans up the skin and also this mud has properties to eliminate many diseases. Although freshwater comes from the rivers and streams in this ocean, the atmosphere and air are quite intense. The whole year temperature is always warm. Due to vaporization, its water is becoming less by one meter every year.

Knowing this, you must be surprised that even though no water animals live in this ocean, its water is full of many medicinal properties. It is used in the treatment of many incurable diseases. Scientists have also proved that the salt and mineral salts found in this sea can be valuable for us. Due to this, the Dead Sea is becoming a center of attraction in the form of medical tourism in Asia.

Tourism and health centers have been opened in the north-western part of the sea region. Black soil of the Dead Sea water and salt are treated through various spas and mud-therapy. Bromine, magnesium, and iodine are found in excessive amounts in the water of this ocean. Bromine relaxes the arteries, magnesium fights against skin allergies. While iodine enhances the functioning of many glands.

Due to the accomplishment of the properties of the Dead Sea for beauty and health, many famous companies make the material of beauty toiletries based on things that were taken from the Dead Sea. Its hot sulfur and mud play an important role in the treatment of many diseases. Moreover, they have benefitted especially in the treatment of arthritis and joints related diseases.

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