This is the tallest man in history, at just two years old, he was more than four feet in length.

February 22, 1918, Robert’s parents were of standard height. But, his height had begun to increase wildly from a few months after birth. In just six months, his length had become close to three feet. While, average children take at least two years to get the same height.
When Robert was a year old, he was three feet six inches in length, which grew to more than four feet six inches by the time he was two.
At the age of five, he was more than five feet six inches, and at the age of 12, he was seven feet tall. Robert was the tallest boy in the world at that time.
In 1936, at the age of just 18, he broke the record of the world’s tallest man. His height at that time was eight feet four inches.
Although people usually wear shoes number 9-10 or 11, a shoe company made special shoes for Robert, which was 37AA in size.
The main reason for Robert’s extraordinary length increase was his pituitary gland enlargement.
However, the length proved fatal for Robert, as he had weakness in his legs and ankles, which made him difficult to walk.
He started reading the need for support to walk. He also had a blister in his ankle, which later led to an infection. He died at the age of 22 on July 15, 1940, while battling all these troubles.
His body buried in a 450-kg heavy coffin. It took more than 12 people to lift this coffin. He immerses in Oakwood Cemetery, Elton, and his life-size statue established in Alton.