These five cities are best to reside in the world


Marcel an international consultancy firm, has released the Ranking of quality of Living, in which cities around the world have been ranked based on the quality of life. This ranking is issued annually to help employers so that they can pay their employees working there according to the ranking of cities. According to the list, these cities have been included in the list of top 5 cities for quality of life standard.

Vienna (Austria):

It is the best city in the world to live according to the survey. This is the capital of Austria has a lot of places to visit who have an interest in art. It also has top class restaurants, and excellent health facilities are also available here.

Zurich (Switzerland):

Switzerland’s largest commercial center Zurich is the main center of the country’s financial industry. Here everything is available for a high living of life. However, it is very expensive too.

Auckland (New Zealand):

This city is situated near two huge ports. Because of its balanced economy, delightful environment and high levels of security, it has been repeatedly involved in this list.

Munich (Germany):

This second most popular city of Germany has also got the fourth-ranking in this year list same as last year, due to its strong economy and good quality of life.

Vancouver (Canada):

In this coastal city of the Pacific Ocean, cultural diversity is filled with code, which makes it a suitable place to live.

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