The Worlds top 10 fastest cars in 2019


The car is mainly designed to transport people’s goods. The new and advanced technology has also made cars attractive, spectacular, beautiful and fast. These are the world’s fastest cars, which have their own unique features and characteristics.

10. Lykan Fenyr Supersport, 245 miles per hour

Lykan Fenyr SuperSport is a product of W Motors; a Dubai based Car Company with its origin in Lebanon. The company is the first manufacturer of sports cars in Lebanese. It took many years for this first Middle East based manufacturer to release the product. In the year of 2013, the company announced the manufacturing of supercars Lykan Fenyr SuperSport. The featured car includes a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter engine with a horsepower of 900 hp. The 0 to 60 mph performance time of the vehicle is 2.7 seconds.  The Fener supercars production was also limited to 25 in number every year. This model was especially focused on its high performance and luxury features, better than previous editions. The track master proved a top speed of 246mph. The weight of the model is approximately 2646 lbs. The official releasing of Lykan Fenyr SuperSport held in the year 2015 at the event of Lykan Fenyr SuperSport.

9. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, 248 miles per hour

Saleen S7 is a legend in cars with many potential factors. It was a product delivered from the firm, Saleen Automotive Inc. The car was the very first full proprietary car which also known to be the first mid-engine production car of America. It produces 750 horsepower and is able to rise up to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds time span. The S7 was a stunning model supercar from Saleen. The car also features many racing technologies to outperform. This space frame designed car was included in many racing competitions with American Le Mans Series and FIA GT championship as well.  The body of S7 is coated with carbon fiber and used aerodynamic principles and scooping ideas. The enriched interior includes a combination of leather and aluminum accent. Apart from the two trunks, mid-engine layout, LCD monitor and quick release steering wheels, another critical factor is the mid-aligned driver seat, which helps in improved visibility of the driver. High-quality materials are used inside the car to provide electrical stability.

8. Tesla Roadster, 250 miles per hour

The Tesla Roadster is a supercar from the firm Tesla Inc, an electric car manufacturer.  The second generation Roadster is the upcoming model from the team which can accelerate from 0 to60 mph in 1.9 seconds of time. The original Tesla Roadster was a sports car based on the Lotus Elise, and its performance was awe-inspiring. The car manufacturer Tesla revealed the model images and mentioned it to be a semi-truck type commercial car. The future version of Tesla Roadster was released surprisingly at the end of Tesla semi event conducted on 16th of November 2017. Test drives were allowed to people who paid money up to $50000 and pre-ordered the same. In June 2018, the CEO of the company revealed that the package called SpaceX for the new hero. The so-called founder series of the roadster will be available for $250,000. The full payment of the price is required to get the hero, and the initial production was limited to 1000 in number.

7. Koenigsegg Regera, 255 miles per hour

Koenigsegg Regera was a limited edition supercar produced from
Koenigsegg Automotive AB. It released in the Geneva Motor Show held in March 2015. This limited edition hybrid sports car initially produced in 80 units which are all sold out by the time with cost around US$1.9 million. This sports car weighs around 3510 lbs. This version comes up with a modified chassis, and the battery pack is of 9KW within the center. The rear chassis fitted with rubber mounts and it helps to provide a comfortable feel. The car holds a 5.0-liter twin turbo engine, which is capable of producing 1100bph. The new technology helps in removing the traditional gearbox and makes the vehicle more efficient. The rear wheels take only 2.7 seconds to drive 0-62 mph. This hypercar is an alternative to Koenigsegg’s traditional extreme cars.

6. SSC Ultimate Aero, 257 miles per hour

The SSC Ultimate Aero, also known as Shelby SuperCars (SSC). It includes a twin-turbocharged V8 engine with a horsepower of 1287hp. This supercar designed in such a way that it lacks any electronic driver aids to help power control. The wind tunnel tests showed comparatively better results for the Ultimate Aero model. The electrically powered Ultimate Aero has butterfly doors as of in Enzo Ferrar. Carbon fiber and titanium are used throughout the vehicle to keep a balanced weight. The engine replacement and boost measures of the car are comparatively higher than the previous editions. The ultimate aero XT was the last edition of the Ultimate Aero developed for the celebration of the end of its production. The SSC Ultimate Aero is till lists within the top ten fastest cars in the world 2019, with its shining peculiarities.

5. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, 268  miles per hour

The Bugatti Veyron Supersport model is the successor of the Bugatti Chiron edition.  The initial Veryon was having turbocharged w16 engine providing 1000 horsepower. Later the Veryon supersport version came with 1200horse power, and it has advanced aerodynamic changes, which helps in conquering more extra miles. The Veyron super sport mentioned as the world’s second fastest production car in the Guinness Book of World Records. The development of Bugatti Veyron has set some benchmarks in the event of production cars. This limited edition super decorated with orange wheels, unique orange body colorings, and carbon body coatings. The production Veyron Super Sport this car was limited to 30 units. It released in the Monterey Historic Races of 2010 at Laguna Seca.

4. Hennessey Venom GT, 270 miles per hour

Texas-based Hennessey Performance Engineering Corporation developed the Venom GT version of Hennessey sports car. The design of the Venom GT was based on the Lotus Exige model. In the year of 2013, the Venom GT set Guinness world record as the fastest production car with average acceleration time 13.63 seconds. it holds a 7.0-liter V8 engine, which is of twin-turbocharged design.  The car produces a horsepower of 1244, and the torque is mentioned to be as 1155 pound-feet.  It takes only 2.8 seconds for rising to 62 mph, and in 14.51 seconds it accelerates starting from 0 to 200 mph. The Hennessey Venom GT version proved its speed of 270mph in the space shuttle runway at the Kennedy Space Centre of Florida in the US. The model has not yet got an entry to the Guinness books, for which the car should prove 270mph and above average speed in both directions.

3. Bugatti Chiron, 271 miles per hour

The Bugatti Chiron edition is a super production car from the team of Bugatti. This supercar remarked as the king among the various cars and in the initial stage, only 500 units released for the market. Out of them, the very first 200 cars were sold out before the release of this super king. The expensive one costs $2.6 million. The engine holds 1500 horsepower, and the interior and exterior make cool effects. Chiron first introduced in the Geneva Motor Show in 2016. The adaptive dampers of Chiron are stiffer in the handling mode.  It enables comfort ride and softer settings. The Chiron sport driving mode includes a torque vectoring system which helps to navigate tighter corners. The arms of Chiron shielded with carbon fiber.  The front grill of the Chiron holds a number 16 placed in it. Maximum Power of Bugatti Chiron is 1500 HP.

2. Koenigsegg Agera RS, 278 miles per hour

The Koenigsegg Agera RS is developed by Koenigsegg Automotive AB. This car is the fastest one in the industry since Hennessey didn’t verify the claims announced. Thus the Koenigsegg Agera RS edition here stands with a silver medal.  The car holds 1160 horsepower. In the year of 2017, Agera RS drove with a move from 0 to 249 miles per hour followed by a back to initial zero in 36.44 seconds.The vehicle holds 5.0-liter turbo V8, with a production of 1380bph, which was chasing the score 12mph of Bugatti Veyron. Koenigsegg incorporated some new settings in this new version including ride height, aerodynamic features, and shock absorbers. The company also claimed that the car reached a maximum of speed 284.3 mph. This second fastest car model is named as the hypercar of the year 2010, by Top gear magazine. This record hitting car arranged with aluminum wheels and center nuts. The trademark doors of Koenigsegg, traction control system and enlighted lighting system adds the beauty of Koenigsegg Agera RS, the ever-stylish production from Koenigsegg Automotive.

1.  Hennessey Venom F5, 301 miles per hour

Hennessey Venom F5 is an upcoming supercar by Hennessey Special Vehicles, a Texas-based firm.  It first announced in the SEMA Show, held in Las Vegas of Nevada, on 1st of November 2017. Venom F5 have 7.4-liter twin turbo V8 engine bolted with 1600 horsepower.  The only step pending with Hennessey is confirming its speed with the Guinness Book of world record. It will make Hennessey get the seat of fastest top one car from Koenigsegg Agera RS.  Also, Venom F5 holds the acceleration of 2.0 second for 0-60mph. It can stop up to 186 mph along with the booting stop. The company also conveyed that within less than half a minute it can rise to 249 mph. The skin of Hennessey coated with carbon fiber dermis, and the car reportedly weighed around 2950 lbs including the fluids.