Successful marriages even after age difference in marriage, the study revealed


Do you know what age difference there should be for marriage in our home? Often the age gap is considered for marriages in Hinduism. What is the reason behind this? Discussions are held everywhere about the age difference in marriage.

These are prevalent about the age difference in marriage, girls should always be younger than boys, or boys should always be older than girls. 

The age gap also is seen in the marriages of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. So at the same time, some beans are also from age. But, what is your view on the age difference in marriage, and why? There are different logic behind these things.

What should be the age difference in marriage

A team of researchers from Emory University in Georgia Atlanta studied it. In this, he researched from the age gap to the age gap for 20 years. In this, they found that there can be an age difference in marriage from one to two years. Age differences in marriages are often positive for people and also negative for anyone.

Those who had a marriage difference of up to five years were 18 percent more likely to divorce. At the same time, between one and two years, their chances were seen to be only three percent.

Also, in couples who had an age gap of seven to 10 years in marriage, the probability of divorce could increase by 39 percent.

In this research, up to 20 age gap couples were included, whose data suggest that such couples get the most divorce. The age difference in marriage plays a huge role. If there is a huge gap, then there is a possibility of high estrangement between the two life partners, which will lead to divorce later.

Age difference in marriage also proves to be a boon for someone. Look at Bollywood itself, all kinds of examples are here. The age difference in marriage is not a big deal. Bollywood also talks about it.

Fundabook know the public’s opinion about age difference in marriage

Prachi of Chandigarh is four years younger than her husband. She says Age doesn’t matter for marriage. If there is no mutual understanding between the two, then their chances of divorce may increase. Therefore the age gap doesn’t matter between the two. And, if there is a mutual understanding, then a 20-year age gap can also make their relationship successful. 

Similarly, Rudra of Mohali says, “In my family, usually the age of a girl should be two to five years younger than a boy.” However, they do not yet understand why. Rupesh says that for marriage, he will focus on his partner’s maturity and not on his age.

Let us tell, some celebrities in Bollywood are old age among them. Out of them, some are newly married couples.

How to make age difference in marriage just a number, learn from Bollywood

Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu

Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar has married actress Saira Banu. There is a 22-year gap between them. But even today, the stories of the successful marriage of both are heard the most.

Kabir Bedi and Parveen

Kabir Bedi has done four weddings so far. Surprisingly, all of their wives were very young.

At the same time, Kabir is 29 years older than his fourth wife, Parveen.

Kabir’s previous marriages have also been the reason behind the breakup, about which he has never spoken openly.

Shahid Kapoor and Meera Rajput

Shahid Kapoor is married to Meera Rajput, in a resident of Delhi.

They now have two children. Meera and Shahid also have a difference of 12 years.

Sanjay Dutt and Manyata Dutt

Sanjay Dutt is 19 years older than his wife, Manyata. Manyata is not only supporting Sanjay Dutt at every step, but she was holding his hand even in his difficult time.

Dharmendra and Hema Malini

Everyone knows the stories of Dharmendra and Hema Malini. Dharmendra not only changed his religion to marry Hema but also created an anecdote of love. Dharmendra is 19 years older than Hema.

In Hinduism religion, two marriages are considered as transgressions while having a first wife. He could not divorce his first wife and could not even stay away from Hema. Therefore, he converted to Islam religion and remarried to Hema, considered one of the most successful weddings ever.

Milind Somen and Ankita Kunwar

Milind Soman is a well-known model and fitness freak. He is 26 years older than his wife, Ankita Kunwar. After dating for a long, the two got married in 2018. Both are happy with their marriage.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan has married actress Kareena Kapoor for the second time and ten years older than Kareena.

Earlier, Saif married his elder actress Amrita Singh, due to which he also has two children.

If we ask for the personal opinion of people and look at the age figure, then “Age is just a number”. Whether the marriage becomes successful or not, it does not depend on age.