Some of the peculiar rituals before marriage


There are different assumptions in every part of the world. But some are so weird which makes it very difficult to believe. Today we are going to tell you such strange and peculiar rituals.

1. Electric shock is given before marriage

According to a tribal tradition in South America, girls demand unique evidence of their masculinity of men before marriage. Giving this evidence to the girl is the biggest tradition here. According to this tradition, men have to consume alcohol. After a while, they are given an electric shock of 120 volts if the boy is able to tolerate this shock, then it is considered to be a man. The boy who fails in this game is considered to be nasty. Apart from this, there are many strange rituals in the world.

2. Beating the groom with dead fish in Korea.

some South Korean grooms are subjected to a certain ritual before they can leave with their new wives: the beating of their feet. His groomsmen or family members remove the groom’s shoes and bind his ankles with rope before taking turns to beat his feet with a stick or, in some cases, a dried fish. Though obviously painful, the ritual is over quickly and meant to be more amusing than an act of punishment, and apparently – as the groom is often quizzed and questioned during the act – the beating of feet is meant as a test of the newly wedded husband’s strength and character.

3. Bride kidnapping and raped

“Bride kidnapping” is an illegal traditional practice in Kyrgyzstan. Here boy kidnaps a girl of his choice with his friends. The abduction is followed with rape as it stems from gender stereotypes about the sexuality of girls and women – that a woman or girl who is not a virgin is not ‘marriageable’. Then he rapes her and sends her back to her home. Girl’s parent’s force girl to marry with the same boy due to insult in society. These damaging views lead to cases where a man abducts and rapes a woman or girl who will then be seen by society as ’impure’ and she could be pressurized into marrying the man who raped her.

4. Blackening the Bride

To celebrate the happiest day in a woman’s life, friends and relatives of the bride will show affection by putting every nasty thing you can imagine like curdled milk, dead fish, spoiled food, tar, sauces, mud, flour, sausages into a bucket and throwing it over her. She is then tied to a tree and after taken for a night of drinking. The belief is that if you can handle this you can handle anything, including marriage. In short blackening, the bride is to prepare her for any humiliation or problems she’ll come across during her marriage.

5. Kumbh Vivah

In India, women born under Mangal Dosha (a Hindu astrological combination) are termed ‘Mangliks’ and thought to be cursed with bad luck, especially in marriage, where the curse is said to bring tension and even death. In order to remedy this, a Kumbh vivah – a ceremony in which the woman marries either a peepal or banana tree or an idol of the god Vishnu – is performed before their actual wedding to break the curse. Bollywood actress and Miss World 1994 winner Aishwarya Rai Bachchan underwent a Kumbh vivah before her marriage to fellow actor Abhishek Bachchan in 2007.

6. Crying Ritual

Weddings are often an emotional affair, but in certain parts of China crying is a required part of the preparation for marriage. A month before their forthcoming nuptials, Tujia brides will cry for one hour each day. Ten days into the ritual, the bride is joined by her mother and ten days after that, the bride’s grandmother joins the weeping duo and eventually, other female family members will join in the cacophony of crying. Termed Zuo Tang in the western Sichuan province, the ritual is said to date back to China’s Warring States era when the mother of a Zhao princess broke down in tears at her wedding.

7. Le Pot de Chambre

Though we might associate France with haute cuisine, a certain stomach-churning French wedding tradition known as La Soupe is about as far from cordon bleu as you can get. Following the wedding reception, the guest would traditionally gather leftover food and drink and place into a chamber pot before presenting to the newlyweds to drink, supposedly to give them energy for their wedding night. Thankfully, when the tradition is observed nowadays, the bride and groom are usually served a slightly more appealing concoction of chocolate and champagne.

8. Borneo’s Bathroom Ban

Members of Malaysia and Indonesia’s Tidong people in Borneo observe a tradition that states the bride and groom must not leave their home or use the bathroom for three whole days after their wedding ceremony and are kept under watchful guard and allowed only a small amount of food and drink. In Tidong culture, not observing the ritual is said to tarnish the bride and groom with bad luck often resulting in infidelity, the breakup of their marriage or the death of their children.

9. You May All Kiss The Bride

In many western weddings, the immortal words ‘you may now kiss the bride’ signifies the sealing of a couple’s vows with a kiss but in Sweden, the kissing ritual is taken to a whole other level. At the wedding reception of newlywed Swedish couples, if the groom should leave the room the male guests of the bridal party are permitted to kiss the bride. Similarly, if the bride leaves the party female guests will hone in to kiss the groom.

10. Chick Liver

Before they can even set the date of their wedding, couples from the Daur people of China’s Inner Mongolia must observe a tradition that involves the killing of a chick. The couple takes a knife and together kill and gut the baby chicken before inspecting its liver. If the chick’s liver is in a healthy condition, the couple can set a date for their wedding but if they discover that the chick’s liver is of poor quality or diseased they must repeat the process until they find a healthy liver.