some interesting libraries of the world


Books have been regarded as the best friend of human beings. Although now there is a digital era, there are still many people in the world who go to libraries to read books. Whenever we go to any library, there are books kept in long queues and the fun that arises in searching for a book from them can only be understood by a book lover.

In today’s running life, most people cannot reach the library or cannot get enough time to visit the library regularly. Keeping this in view and making it easier to access books, some interesting libraries are coming in vogues which are unique in itself and people are also motivated to read. Let’s find out about these libraries that look something strange and interesting.

Vending Machine Library

The vending machine is the machine from which the material comes out when we put money. Such as milk, cold drinks etc. The library located in California has been prepared as a vending machine. This library is open for 24 hours. Adding money to it gives you the book of your choice. Influenced by this vending machine library, the same set of vending machine library is being set up in China’s capital Beijing.

Camel library

The “camel library” is very popular in Kenya. In fact, the main purpose of the library of camels is to make sure that books reach to the nomadic people of the country. The work of sending books on camels began in the 1980s. Books are filled in boxes and loaded onto camels.

Library ship

This library is built on a sea ship in the Norwegian state of Hordaland. It sends approximately 6000 books on the ship every September to April, and these books are delivered to nearly 250 communities on its surrounding islands. In this ship, only Captain, 2 librarians, and 2 people are appointed. In this way, the work of carrying books on sea ship was started in 1959. The benefits of this service are being raised by people from almost three countries.

Mailbox library

This kind of library is seen more in England and Europe. In public libraries such as Park, Street, people keep those books which they have read and picked up a new book. The people there are honest, so no unnecessary book raises. At least 10 books are kept in these mailbox libraries. This kind of mailbox library was started in 2009, but now there are around 6000 mailbox libraries of this type worldwide.

Library of Mass Destruction

This library of Argentina reflects the history of the country. This library is made up of tanks and can contain at least 900 books in it. In fact, this library displays the historical archives related to Argentina’s freedom struggle. The main purpose of this library is to reach the small towns in Argentina who do not have access to the libraries.

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