Some Countries Where the Sun Never Sets


Night after day and day after night, this law has been made by nature itself but there are some places in the world where the sun shines all night long. Call it the charisma of nature or the grace of the sun, but it is true.

This happens because of a natural phenomenon which is called Midnight Sun that refers to the consecutive 24-hour periods of sunlight that occurs during the summer in places south of the Antarctic Circle and north of the Arctic Circle. Let us nm0 know about some such places.


Canada is the second-largest country in the world by area and is closer to the North Pole.

Although Canada is mostly covered with snow for the most part, but in the north-western region here, the sun shines continuously for 50 days during summer.

Just as sunlight remains for some time after sunset in India or other countries, similarly in the northwestern region of Canada, sunset still occurs after 11 pm and before it becomes completely dark, sunrise occurs, due to which we can say that it stays here continuously for 24 hours a day.


Norway is a country located in the north continent. This country falls inside the Arctic Circle, it is also known as the Midnight Country.

The sun does not set here for about 76 days between May and July. For this reason, Norway is also called ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’.


Finland is a very beautiful country known as the land of thousands of islands.

This country is also close to the North Pole, due to which the sun continues to spread its light here for about 73 days in summer. Finland has about 1,68,000 lakes and about 1,79,000 islands.


Sweden is a country located in the Scandinavia peninsula to the north in the European continent.

In Sweden, the sun does not set for about 100 days. Here the sun does not sink from May to August and even if the sun sets, it comes back after midnight and then shortly after.


Alaska is a country known for its beautiful glaciers. Here the sun does not set from May to the end of July. Here the sun sets at around 12:30 pm and sunrise again after 51 minutes.


Iceland is the second-largest island in Europe after Great Britain. Naturally beautiful in this country, even in summer days, from May to July, there is no night for about 80 days.

On the basis of the United Nations’ Quality of Life Index, Iceland is the most livable country in the world. If viewed in terms of area, Iceland is the 18th largest island in the world.