Shocking! 10 Selfies Taken By People Just Before They Died!


Why do we take selfies? Perhaps so that we could remember those happy moments for long time? Perhaps so that we can assure our family and close-friends about our well-being and being happy and full of life? So that we could tell people that we have found the key to happiness in life?

What if a selfie by you proves the last selfie of your life? We pray to Almighty for your long life but the people mentioned here were not that lucky I think. Here we list stories of people with their last selfie which they took just before they actually dies. Feeling chilled? Go on!

  1. In April 2014, a 17 year old Russian girl, Xenia Ignatyeva, was taking selfie on a bridge 28 feet above the ground, to impress her friends. She lost her balance and fell eventually to grip a 1500 Volts cable in the process to re-gain her balance. It resulted in her death, after being electrocuted in the cables and fell on concrete.


2. 21-year old Mexican, Oscar Otero Aguilar was obsessed with taking selfies and posting them to Facebook.  He was constantly taking pictures of himself next to alcohol, in cars or near automobiles and posting them for fun. He lost his life when he tried to take a selfie with a Gun, for his Facebook page in July of 2014. Perhaps triggered wrong button?!


3. Mexican-American pop star Jenni Rivera is labeled as the most important female figure and top selling female artist in the Mexican music genre. In December 9, 2012,  she with and her entourage of six, took this selfie right before taking off on a private jet which sadly crashed and left no  survivors.


4. Gary Slok and his mother Petra Langeveld took this selfie minutes before taking off from Amsterdam on Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 which was shot down over Ukraine in July, 2014.


5. This selfie was clicked by famous Puerto Rican musician Jadiel, which he uploaded to Instagram only few moments before he met with a fatal motorcycle crash in New York in May, 2014 in which he died.


6. On April 26, 2014,Courtney Sanford (32) crashed her car and died just seconds after posting her selfie on Facebook, while listening to Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’. The crash into a truck proved to be fatal.


7. Selfie of some of the Beas River tragedy victims: 48 students and 3 faculty/staff members of V.N.R. Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering, India were on a plant tour. 24 of them were getting themselves photographed on the banks of the Beas river on the Mandi-Manali National Highway NH-21, when they were washed away as the water flow in the river suddenly increased due to release of water from Hydro Project at Largi.


8. Two best friends were headed to a bachelorette party when this picture was taken. Within a minute they were struck, and Collette Moreno(26), the bride-to-be (left), was killed in a head on collision in Missouri, United States on June 2014.


9. An unnamed 19-year-old seen in photo of the scene in Foshan, a city in South China’s Guangdong Province, as she holds out her mobile phone in front of herself to take selfie. The young woman is thought to have been killed moments later.

pay-china-train-selfie-death10. In May 2015, Anna Ursu (18), a Romanian girl and a friend went to a train station in the Romania’s northeast town of Iasi. In order to take a perfect selfie as she lay on top of the train and stuck one of her legs in the air, an electrical field surrounding the overhead cables sent 27,000 volts current through her body, causing her to burst into flames. She later died in hospital with burns to 50 per cent of her body.