See who is the neighbor of Queen Elizabeth of London


Buckingham Palace – the palace of Queen Elizabeth II is in Central London England which has a very interesting neighborhood as there are some Pelicans i.e. large-size duckling birds.

There is a tradition of keeping pelicans in St. James Park on Duck Island which has its own history. It started in 1684 when Russian Ambassador presented first Pelican to King Charles II. These birds, who like to live in water, are now brought here from the zoo.

The three pelicans here are currently named Tiffany,  Gargi, and Ayala. Pelicans were taken away from this park only once during World War II when they were kept in London Zoo. After the war, they were brought back here. Today this has become the major tourist attractions of Pelicans Park.

Malcolm Kerr, who is looking after the animals of the Park since 1975, points out, “One of our Pelicans is especially trustworthy because he is raised and taken care of humans only. Pelican used to think and consider himself as the human being.  Another pelican used to steal food from the tables, through the sliding door of a nearby restaurant.

Malcolm gives fish to these pelicans to eat every day. Every bird consumes 10 to 12 fish a day, which is caught in the sea around England. In every fish, a vitamin tablet is also thrown. These birds can live up to the age of 55 years. However, due to heart disease, a Pelican in the past died within 20 years.

A pelican named Gargi, who lives in this park, was found in the home garden of someone in the early spring of 1996. Then he got a new home in the form of Saint James Park. No one knows where he came from before. It may be that he has crossed the English Channel from France and reached here.

These beautiful birds are naturally able to withstand the cold winter of England too easily. While the cold starts, the bloody attack on the pelican’s wings increases whereas humans start shivering. Due to high blood circulation, their skin becomes very red, which appears to be pink under the wings. In this way, their body remains warm even in the cold of cold.

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