Scenes which were deleted from PK movie and you never saw them before!


There were scenes which were supposed to be a part of Amir Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer movie PK but were axed during editing of the movie. One of which was a cameo of Sushant Singh Rajput sorts in the Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma but here’s a video that shows that the MS Dhoni actor had shot for many more scenes in the movie.

However it was not only the scenes of Sushant but many scenes of Aamir Khan too were deleted from the film as a part of editing. If you see this video you will find Aamir in a few of those comedy scenes that we didn’t get to see in the film.

While you might find some of these silly, other scenes are very cute. Here, in this video below you can see all those scenes that were cut off from the mega hit of 2014. We can bet that the first scene will have you in fits of laughing. Check it out.