Queen of Mysteries Cleopatra


The Queen of Egypt the great Cleopatra is one of the most unsolved puzzles in the world so far. In many parts of the world, many mysterious people have been born so far, many of the prevalent mysteries about which have not been resolved yet. An even scientist does not have the answer to these deep and dark puzzles. Out of all, there are questions on some of them either on their death or on their presence.

Cleopatra was famous all over the world for her beauty. Her death took place at the age of 38, but Cleopatra’s death is still a mystery. People have different – different logic behind her death. Some say that after losing the war of Actium, she was so heartbroken that she got bitted herself from a snake while some people say that after the defeat Augustus murdered Cleopatra.

However, no one knows what is the truth behind her death. It is said that apart from being beautiful and sexy, she was very clever, conspirator and cruel. She had relations with many men. She used to bury or kill kings and military officers with the temptation of her beauty. Cleopatra was considered to be the world’s richest and beautiful woman.

She was a competitor of three powerful men – Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, and Octavian. Julius Caesar helped her to become the queen of Egypt. Many artists created many paintings and sculptures on the color and beauty of Cleopatra. She became so popular in the literature that the litterateur of many languages made her a heroine in their work.

In English literature, 3 playwright Shakespeare, Dryden, and Bard Shaw displayed many aspects of her personality in their plays. Many films have also been made on Cleopatra. Cleopatra was also related to India. She used to buy India’s hot spices, muslin and pearl ship in the port of Sikandariya.

It is said that Cleopatra had knowledge of 5 languages and she was a clever leader. This was the reason that she used to get involved with anyone and get to know all her secrets very easily and because of this, she had links with hundreds of men. Cleopatra has tried every good and bad foothold to save her rule and her existence.

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