No Cash or Card Needed: Come to the store, pick up the stuff and go away


In the USA, Amazon had opened a cashless store in 2016. A Grocery store where there are no cashiers and no long ques. Amazon started the convenience store ‘Amazon Go‘ here. Put the stuff that you like here in the Trolley and go home without making payment with cash or card. There is no need to stand in line for billing after shopping. The total amount will be deducted from the account of the user created by the company.

The app must be turned ON before entry

  • In Seattle, this store is made in 1800 Square Feet. Customer will have to open Amazon’s special app in its smartphone for entry and go to the sensor. The store will open the gate.
  • There will be a unique tagging for every customer going in the store. The surveillance system of the store will identify the customer and will be able to keep an eye on them anywhere in the store.
  • The image will be taken when the customer will stop in front of any shelf.
  • It will also capture whenever they will pick any product and will also capture when they will keep it back

The goods that went to the trolley would be of

  • The camera will capture all the images during which the luggage is in the hands of the customer so that the goods are placed on the shelf or kept in the trolley.
  • The goods that will be placed back in its place will not be billed.
  • Infrared, pressure and load sensors have also been installed in the shelf of the store, which will note the entire process till the lifting of the luggage.
  • In the store, the technology used in self-driving cars (Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion and Deep Learning) has been used. This shows which goods are picked up or restored.
  • Trolley also works like a virtual car (like online shopping).

A microphone will also identify customer

  • Microphones have also been placed in the store so that customers can also be identified through voice.
  • The goods purchased from the store will be billed to the customer when he exits and his receipt will be sent to his mobile.

Wal-Mart is also testing an automated store without cashier similar to the Amazon GO store plan.

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