Most Funny Banners held by Cricket Fans from the Stands


Shane Warne is known for his ‘Playboy’ image. But this is taking the matter too far.

When the game is too slow, there are ways to express one’s boredom.

Kamran Akmal is also known as ‘Dropmal’. He has dropped more catches than he has taken.

Andrew Flintoff’s is known for his rash behavior after getting drunk! This famous fan of Him knows how to use his name to sell wine!

This lady clearly knows her priorities, a harsh lesson for the boyfriend!

Young lady decided to show her love for Zaheer Khan with this lovely banner caught on TV.

Young lady holds a sign aloft for Virat Kohli during a match.

Australian supporters hold a banner referring to Stuart Broad’s walking off Ashes series.

English fan holds a banner reading ‘Kiss me Monty’ directed at Monty Panesar during the second test against West Indies at Headingley Cricket Ground, England at 28 May 2007.