Maharana Pratap: The unique personality

Although, many brave heroes have taken birth in Mati, full of stunning and vigorous, chanting, religious, and religious qualities of Rajasthan. Maharana Pratap is one of the few rulers whose stories of spirit. Listening to the glorious struggle saga, everyone’s hair gets erected.
Amar Rashtriya Nayak, steadfast pledge and freedom-fighting adventurer Ranbankur Maharana Pratap. Who fought the Mughals for a lifetime, was allowed to wander from jungle to forest, but in no circumstances and temptation was it acceptable to accept Akbar’s subjection.

He was born on May 9, 1540, in Kumbhalgarh fort, Rajasthan. He was 33rd child of father Uday Singh, and mother Jayawantabai’s womb. The Mewar crown-jewel Maharana Pratap, and was addressed as ‘Kika’ in childhood.
Maharana Pratap was a diplomat, politician, unique in mental and physical ability. He was 7 feet in length and weighed 110 kg and carried 72 kg chest armor, 81 kg spears, 208 kg two-weight swords.
He had the best horse of that time, Chetak, who at the last moment when the Mughal army was behind Maharana Pratap, leaped on his back. And crossed the drain by jumping 26 feet high and got Veergati. Whereas, Mughal cavalry not crossed this drain.
The people of Mewar disagreed with Father Uday Singh, as he declared his youngest wife’s son Jagmal as his successor before his death. Maharana Pratap decided to leave Mewar. On 1 March 1573, after public persuasion, he continued the throne. 
At that time, the Mughal ruler Akbar was ruling in Delhi. Many Hindu kings were signing treaties to accept his subjugation. So many Mughals were engaged in establishing marital relations with women.
But apart from them, Maharana Pratap did not accept Akbar’s nemesis. Shocked by this, Akbar sent his army under the chairmanship of Mansingh and Jahangir to attack Mewar. 
On 18 June 1576, Haldighati fought between the Mughal army and Maharana Pratap, under the leadership of Raja Mansingh of Amer and Asaf Khan.
Neither Akbar could win nor Maharana Pratap, defeated in this war. Akbar had a secure army, and on the other side, there was an army of fighting soldiers of Maharana Pratap.
After the historic battle of Haldighati, Maharana continued to organize his army, including the Pratap family, wandering in the jungles. One day when he made grass bread to satisfy his son Amarsingh’s hunger, he also took him to a wild cat.
Distraught with this, Maharana Pratap’s self-respect began to waver. His spirits started to weaken. A rumor spread that Maharana Pratap’s compulsion accepted Akbar’s subordination. Then Prithviraj Rathod, the poet of Bikaner, wrote a letter to Maharana. And, rekindled his sleeping self-esteem. Then, Maharana failed to subdue Pratap till his death.
Maharana Pratap finally died on 29 January 1597 at the age of 57 after being treated for bowel pulling in his intestine in his capital, Chawand.
After hearing the news of Maharana Pratap’s death, Akbar’s eyes were filled with tears on seeing Pratap’s unwavering patriotism.
The poet of the Mughal court Abdur Rahman wrote Everything in this world is going to end. Wealth will end, but the qualities of a great man will always be alive. Pratap gave up his wealth but never bowed his head.
He retained his honor alone among all the princes of Hind. And once more former US President Abraham Lincoln was visiting India. He asked his mother that, what should I bring for you from India.
Then, his mother said that you should bring the soil of Haldighati from India which Thousands of heroes have watered with their blood. But, despite all this, instead of teaching Maharana Pratap’s chapters of bravery in the history. It’s unfair to memorize the stories of Akbar. His gratitude transpires the tribute.