Gotthard Tunnel: World’s longest Rail tunnel opens in Switzerland


Gotthard Tunnel in the Swiss Alps mountain rising from the center of the world’s longest rail tunnel in Switzerland. The tunnel has a total length of 57.09 kilometers. The tunnel has been started from June 1, 2016 but will start its public service in December 2016. Its main aim is to increase trade between Russia and Italy, the number of freight trains to and from growing is to reduce environmental damage. The second advantage is that the passengers from Zurich to Milan and Lugano will take a very short time. Zurich, are largest city in the Switzerland’s. Zurich is the main center of business and culture in the city.


  • Gothard Base tunnel is the world’s longest railway tunnel and its length is 57 kilometers.
  • Its total length is 57.09 km, while the other tunnels and paths along the total length of the route is 151.84 kilometers.
  • Gothard Base Tunnel is divided into two parts.
  • 74 billion is the cost to build the tunnel.
  • The tunnel took 17 years to complete the work.
  • Its main objective is to facilitate and improve transport in the region.
  • December 11, 2016 the tunnel will be open for public use.
  • It is the third tunnel connecting Uri and Ticino.
  • The train on the track up to 250 km / h speed of the race sai