Learn how to increase immunity to avoid corona virus


Coronavirus outbreaks have affected countries around the world. Every country is trying to reduce the infection of this dangerous virus. Currently, social distancing is the only way to avoid this virus. In addition, if the immune system of the human body is strong, then it can fight any disease. A strong immune system can help fight infections.

Eat protein-rich foods

Protein provides amino acids to our body, which helps to generate helper T-cells in our body. These T-cells give energy to our immunity-enhancing cells. For this, you can eat oatmeal, boiled pulse salad, whole grains and sprouts.

Spend some time in the sun

Spending some time in the sun is important because sunlight works to give energy to the T-cells which help in the fight against infection present in our body.

Eat ginger and garlic

Ginger contains many anti-viral elements. You can take it with fennel or honey. Similarly, garlic rich in antioxidant properties helps in preventing virus infection or bacteria in the body. Taking them regularly strengthens the immune system.

Eat vitamin c rich food

Vitamin C not only strengthens bones in the body but also increases immunity capacity. It contains anti-oxidants that make the immune system strong. You can get vitamin C by eating things like capsicum, spinach, amla, papaya, orange, lemon, and guava.

Do meditation

Meditation keeps our mind calm and increases the production of Happy Hormones. These hormones help to stress-free other cells of our body, which makes our body strong from inside.

Exercise regularly

People who exercise 5 to 6 days a week have less chance of getting a cold and a sore throat by 50 percent compared to those who do not exercise. Exercise boosts our body’s immune system and produces blood cells faster. These blood cells work to kill the virus that has reached the body.

Try to be happy

Staying stress-free increases our immunity in many ways. For this, you can take help of dance, music, meditation, bhajan-kirtan and favorite books. Try as much as you can to be happy, because by being happy our body gets relaxation. Immunity increases automatically when the body relaxes.

Get enough sleep

Sleep helps our body in the spread of immune cells, which means during sleep it becomes easier for our immune system to find the place of infection in the immune cells. These immune cells then work to eliminate those viruses. Sleep in this way helps in increasing the immunity capacity of the body.