Interesting facts about some of Hollywood’s most famous films!


Hollywood films have some secret hidden in the plot of every film. From “Inception” to “Fight Club”, the plot of the film seems to go to the extent of imagining itself, rather than moving aside. There are so many interesting facts hidden in the making and plot of the film. Let us know some such amazing and interesting facts.

“Finding Nemo”

Finding Nemo, the main character of Finding Nemo, was seen in a scene from the film “Monster’s Inc.”. Significantly, “Monster Inc.” was released 2 years before the film “Finding Nemo”.


The Avengers

Jeremy Renner, the main character of The Avengers, learned archery skills from an Olympic archer in order to play the role of archery in the movie “The Avengers”.



Inception film gave many such hints to the audience that it seemed that this film is really a dream based film. In this film, the number 3502 has been shown repeatedly in many scenes. This shows that the entire dream was of the film’s main character “Cobb”. In this film, the number of the room in the hotel room where “Cobb” and “Mall” (Mal) celebrated their anniversary was 3502.


The Dark Knight

In the Batman film series, “Dark Knight” was the only film in which the name of “Batman” was not included in the name of the film.


Ice Age

In the animation film “Ice Age” there was a strange squirrel-like character. This character was not actually a squirrel, but a creature named “Skart” combining the characteristics of rats and squirrels, which was voiced by the director of “Ice Age” himself.


“The Schindler List”

“The Schindler List” was the most expensive “black and white” movie. The cost of making this film was 145 crores 56 lakhs.


“The Pursuit of Happiness”

At the end of the film “The Pursuit of Happiness”, the man who passes by actor Will Smith was based on a biography of the same man Chris Gardner.



The sketch scene in which Leonardo DiCaprio made a nude sketch of actress Kate Winslet was made by film director James Cameron. All the sketches shown in Jack’s sketchbook were also made by James Cameron.

“Silence of the lamb”

Hannibal Lecter, the main character of the Hollywood film “Silence of the Lamb”, did not flinch even once in the film.


Harry Potter

In the film Harry Potter, the woman who played the character of Myrtle (the girl who always cried in the bathroom) was 37 years old in real life, but she was shown as a schoolgirl in the movie Harry Porter.


Casino Royal

Casino Royal was the first James-Bond film to be screened in Chinese cinemas. A scene in this film was also shown destroying the 19-crore vehicle “Aston Martin DBS”.