History of 26 September


History of 26 September

1908 – In “The Saturday Evening Post” an ad for the Edison Phonograph appeared.

1914 – The U.S. Federal Trade Commission was established.

1918 – During World War I, the Meuse-Argonne offensive against the Germans began. It was the final Allied offensive on the western front.

1950 – U.N. troops recaptured the South Korean capital of Seoul from the North Koreans during the Korean Conflict.

1955 – The New York Stock Exchange suffered its worst decline since 1929 when the word was released concerning U.S. President Eisenhower’s heart attack.

1960 – The first televised debate between presidential candidates Richard M. Nixon and John F. Kennedy took place in Chicago, IL.

1962 – “The Beverly Hillbillies” premiered on CBS-TV.

1964 – “Gilligan’s Island” premiered on CBS-TV. The show aired for the last time on September 4, 1967.

1969 – “The Brady Bunch” series premiered on ABC-TV.

1980 – The Cuban government abruptly closed Mariel Harbor to end the freedom flotilla of Cuban refugees that began the previous April.

1981 – The Boeing 767 made its maiden flight in Everett, WA.

1984 – Britain and China initialed a draft agreement on the future of Hong Kong when the Chinese take overruling the British Colony.

1985 – Shamu was born at Sea World in Orlando, FL. Shamu was the first killer whale to survive being born in captivity.

1986 – The episode of “Dallas” that had Bobby Ewing returning from the dead was aired.

1986 – William H. Rehnquist became chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court following the retirement of Warren Burger.

1990 – The Motion Picture Association of America announced that it had created a new rating. The new NC17 rating was to keep moviegoers under the age of 17 from seeing certain films.

1991 – Four men and four women began their two-year stay inside the “Biosphere II.” The project was intended to develop technology for future space colonies.

1991 – The U.S. Congress heard a plea from Kimberly Bergalis concerning mandatory AIDS testing for health care workers.

1993 – The eight people who had stayed in “Biosphere II” emerged from their sealed-off environment.

1995 – The warring factions of Bosnia agreed on guidelines for elections and a future government.

1996 – Shannon Lucid returned to Earth after being in space for 188 days. she set a time record for a U.S. astronaut in space and in the world for time spent by a woman in space.

2000 – The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act. The act states that an infant would be considered to have been born alive if he or she is completely extracted or expelled from the mother and breathes and has a beating heart and definite movement of the voluntary muscles.

2000 – Slobodan Milosevic conceded that Vojislav Kostunica had won Yugoslavia’s presidential election and declared a runoff. The declared runoff prompted mass protests.

2001 – In Kabul, Afghanistan, the abandoned U.S. Embassy was stormed by protesters. It was the largest anti-American protest since the terror attacks on New York City and Washington, DC, on September 11.

2001 – Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres announced plans to formalize a cease-fire and end a year of fighting in the region.

2006 – Facebook was opened to everyone at least 13 years or older with a valid email address.

2009 – Typhoon Ketsana hits the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand, causing 700 fatalities.

2014 – A mass kidnapping occurs in Iguala, Mexico.

2019 – Official Naming of British research vessel RRS Sir David Attenborough.

Celebrating Birthday Today

  • 1981 – Yao Beina, Chinese singer (d. 2015)
  • 1981 – Christina Milian, American singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress
  • 1981 – Ayumi Tsunematsu, Japanese voice actress
  • 1981 – Serena Williams, an American tennis player
  • 1981 – Kanako Urai, Japanese professional wrestler
  • 1982 – Rob Burrow, English rugby player
  • 1982 – Simon Picone, Italian rugby player
  • 1982 – John Scott, Canadian ice hockey player
  • 1982 – Miguel Alfredo Portillo, the Argentinian footballer
  • 1982 – Jon Richardson, English comedian, and radio host
  • 1983 – D’Qwell Jackson, American football player
  • 1983 – Archimede Morleo, Italian footballer
  • 1983 – Ricardo Quaresma, Portuguese footballer
  • 1984 – Nev Schulman, American photographer, television host, and producer
  • 1987 – Rosanna Munter, Swedish singer-songwriter
  • 1987 – Vladimir Niculescu, Romanian professional football player
  • 1987 – Cyril Gautier, French road bicycle racer
  • 1988 – Lilly Singh, YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, writer, and actress
  • 1988 – James Blake, English singer-songwriter and producer
  • 1988 – Kiira Korpi, Finnish figure skater
  • 1988 – Mark Simpson, English clarinet player, and composer
  • 1989 – Chinami Suzuki, Japanese model, television host, and actress
  • 1989 – Jonny Bairstow, English and Yorkshire Wicketkeeper/Batsman
  • 1990 – Pavel Avdeyev, Russian footballer
  • 1991 – Dan Preston, English footballer
  • 1991 – Alma Jodorowsky, French actress, fashion model and singer
  • 1991 – Réka Demeter, Hungarian football defender
  • 1992 – Yoo Ara, South Korean singer, and actress
  • 1993 – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, American basketball player
  • 1994 – Lucas Gafarot, Spanish footballer
  • 1994 – Jack Conger, American swimmer
  • 1995 – Miloš Veljković, Serbian footballer
  • 2000 – Princess Salma bint Abdullah, Jordanian princess