Ghost of Abraham Lincoln in the White house


In India or any other country in the world, you will hear many mysterious incidents related to the existence of ghost. There are some places in the world which the government has declared it as a forbidden area. But still, some people call these things as hypothetical assumptions.

Today we will talk of a place that is considered the safest place in the world. Yes, we are talking about the White House, which is the residence of the President of the United States. But some people claim that the ghosts of America’s 16th President Abraham Lincoln are often seen in the White House. America’s 16th President Abraham Lincoln was shot dead in April 1865. From then on, Abraham Lincoln’s ghost looks here.

Kelvin Kuliz, the wife of President Grace Kulidge, says that she was watching television programs on the murder of President Abraham Lincoln when he was seen standing near the window of the Oval Office of Abraham Lincoln White House.

Empress Vitamin of the Netherlands: Once the Empress of the Netherlands, came to America on a visit to America and stayed in the White House. They say that someone knocked on his door late at night. When he opened the door, President Lincoln found him standing there.

UK Prime Minister: Britain’s Prime Minister once stood in the White House. When he came out of the bath, he saw that while the fire was burning near the fireplace, he saw Abraham Lincoln sitting there.

But no one has seen the ghost of the President but some people believe that Lincoln’s spirit still wanders in the White House today.