Fun facts: girls with curly hair get this kind of knowledge from everyone


Only girls with curly hair know about curly hair problems. She also tries her best to solve curly hair. Despite this, we also come to give them knowledge, who have limited knowledge about their problem.

Curly hair problem only girls with curly hair can understand

How thick is your hair?

People are not aware of curly hair problems. That’s why most people do not hesitate to tell a girl with curly hair, how thick your hair is. Curly hair looks like limited hairs if straight. They are such frizzy that they grow like a bird’s nest. How many hairs are there on the head shows that when they are wet.

What comb are you not using?

Only after understanding the problem of curly hair, the experts showed how to use no comb. So, most girls with curly hair use fingers to comb their hair instead of a comb. Whenever you tell a close friend that you do not comb hair, he reacts as if someone has committed a crime.

Try shampoo or conditioner

A straight hair person often advised the shampoo and its conditioner. You get tired of repeatedly explaining the same thing to them that this product can be beneficial for straight hair. Curly cannot get rid of hair problems. Since the needs of the limited hairs are different.

Have you done hair curly?

Wow, how good is your hair looking? How did you curl? Now everyone likes his praise in such questions. Who told them that they have worked for a few minutes and not hours to make these curly hair look so good? 

A geneticist at Stanford University Barry Starr Dr. Barry Starr says that it is genetic to have hair curly or straightened. If both mother and father have hair curly, then your hair will be curly. On the other hand, if both of them have straight hair, then they will have straight hair. At the same time, if the parents have different hair, the child may have between curly and straight hair.

Why not straighten your hair?

Curly hair looks troublesome, dry, and messy and also difficult to wash them every day to keep the hair in order. People feel that they have reached the office directly by sleeping. Therefore, everyone instructs for a fresh look.

Who takes so much time to set hair?

It is also hard to think of hairstyles for curly hair, and there is difficulty in caring for them. They have to be maintained occasionally, not all the time. They take the time to get ready if they want to go to the party or somewhere. Now how to explain this to girls with straight hair?

How long does it take if you want to straighten?

Many times to have fun, friends talk about curly hair and how long it will take to straighten. Since everyone knows that curly hair takes much time if straight, not less.

Get rid of curly hair problems:

Do not use hot water if you have curly hair problems

Coldwater stops hair cuticles. Due to this, the hair remains moisturized. Moisture can solve the problem of curly hair.

Use conditioner

Curly hair dries quickly, therefore keep them moisturized by using conditioner. Start it from an inch away from the scalp. But some conditioners can also be applied to the scalp. So read the guidelines carefully.

Massage hot oil

Hot oil massage deep conditions the hair. This helps to strengthen the hair from inside. Due to this, hair tangle, breakage, and dryness are reduced.

Use pineapple trick

The Pineapple trick technique can prevent hair from getting tangled at night. The Pine-apple technique refers to the connection of all hair to the roots of the head.

Finger finger hair

Finger comb removes curly hair tangles. It causes a very slight breakage of hair. If you want to comb, then start it from the top of the hair.

Use microfiber towels

Microfiber towels or old cotton T-shirts cause slight friction in hair. They cause less hair breakage.

Curly hair has a lot of problems, one of them being dry. Try not to let the hair dry for this use only hair oil, shampoo, and conditioner made for curly hair. Yes, hair is also associated with curly hair. For this, you can use hair serum or create hairstyles that enhance your look.