Today, we will tell some most dangerous and horror places of the world. So, here are some places of the world which are dangerous:

1. Pendle Hill: 

Pendle Hill is a place in Lancashire, England. Only 12 women lived here in the 17th century who used to do witchcraft, and some women convicted of 10 deaths. Therefore, it considered a ghostly hill. Residents here are afraid to visit this hill.

There are many scary stories about this hill. Many TV shows have made on this. While the show, the shooting unit has also encountered the ghosts there.

2. Bhangarh:

This place is in the Alwar district of Rajasthan province, India.

There is a giant fort here. Archaeological Survey of India prohibits visiting this fort after sunset. You cannot go to this fort before sunrise.

In the 16th century, slaughtering took place. Since then, their soul has seen moving around in the night. Hence, there is a prohibition of movement in the night.

3. Aokigahara:

Famous as Suicide Forest this place is in Okigahara, Japan. It is the world’s most notorious place to commit suicide or say location. It was only in 2002 that 78 people committed suicide.

Japanese astrologers believe that behind the suicides in the forests is the power of the strange forces living on the trees, which carry out such incidents. Many people, who enter this forest once, do not allow them to get out, and they control their minds.

4. Jamali-Kamali Mosque:

This place is in Delhi, India. Jamali and Kamali were two Sufi saints who taught religion in the mosque in the famous Mehrauli archaeological complex.

Both buried in this mosque. Since then, there are jinns here who call the people coming here to come out on their behalf.

5. Hashima Island:

This deserted island is also in Japan. Located 15 kilometers from Nagasaki, this island is also considered terrible. In 1890 it was purchased by Mitsubishi Corporation for underwater coal mining. 

During this time, thousands of prisoners died here due to accidents and useless living. Therefore it was discontinued in 1974. It was opened to audiences again in 2009 after 35 years. For this reason, this place is considered one of the most dangerous places in Japan.

6. Door to Hell:

Popularly known as Door to Hell (Hell’s Door), this place is in Turkmenistan. For the last 40 years, the fire has been coming out from the ground at this place. To see this, more than 15 thousand tourists come every year.

There were two guardians at this door of Hell, who warned people. These are in the form of patron statues. On digging, here the source of the hot spring was revealed. White poisonous smoke came out from here. This pollution is so deadly that death comes as soon as it comes in contact. Hot carbon dioxide gas is leaking from inside it. According to scientists, there are many cracks on the surface of the earth, which release similar gas.

7. Tuol Slang:

This place is in Cambodia. It was school. In this school, prisoners tied up. During the rule of the Khmer Rouge, prisoners prohibited from speaking to other prisoners. If anyone spoke, they would be electrocuted here and hit with an iron hot rod. Even today, the souls of those prisoners present there.

Thousands of people are said to have been tortured to death in Tuol Slang from 1975 to 1979 during the Khmer Rouge’s reign. Since, then the place is considered to be terrible, as at least 12,380 people were tortured and killed. Apart from these men, women, and children were also included. Kang Kik Yew was the director of this torture camp. Therefore, It is called the slaughter of Cambodia. It is more than 30 years since the Khmer Rouge’s Demonic rule ended in Cambodia. In short, the name of that leftist killer ruler was Pol Pot. Pol Pot’s rule ended in 1979 with the help of Vietnam, but the Khmer Rouge continued to struggle underground until Pol Pot died in 1998.

8. Hellfire Club:

This place is in Ireland. In 1725 the Hellfire Club was created as a haunted place in the city of Dublin. The club is 1,275 feet above the ground.

The Devils come here to meet their fans themselves. Also, visitors who come here say that they feel strange smell here.

9. Paris Catacombs:

This terrible place is in Paris, France. Due to the lack of a cemetery in 1785, several corpses were buried together in a pit.

The Catacomb (tomb of the tombs) of Paris, the capital of France, is 200 meters long, where about 6 million skeletons are present. 

10. Sedlec Ossuary Church:

It is a small Roman Catholic Church, located in the Czech Republic and built from human bones.

Here the sandal, garland, and seating seats are all made from the bones of humans.

11. Stull Cemetery:

Located in Kansas, USA, this place is called Stull Cemetery. During Halloween, this place becomes a popular destination for careless people.

Since 1850 it is believed that Devils have come here. To see them, people come here on the day of Halloween. Halloween is a Christian day celebrated on 31 October.