“Dancing” Cat From Japan with serious moves


Cats are enigmatic creatures that love having us on the edge of our seats, waiting for their next bravado. Although not yet famous for their dancing skills, rumor has it they are ever so eagerly aiming for the stars, as you shall soon see.

Historically, many cultures have had their values embodied in various dance forms and rituals. Dance is one of the most important expressions of a worldview for people and animals alike. And while peacocks dance to woo their ladies, the silly cats do it because they know they dance better than humans.

Cats are a common household pet but how much do we really know about these furry creatures? Sometimes their behaviors can seem downright strange but if you learn to decode your cat’s body language you will understand them loud and clear. Chattering is when felines emit a rapid and intense tooth chattering. This most commonly occurs when they spot a bird outside and according to body language specialists it’s their way of expressing frustration at not being able to attack their prey. Another reason may be their body’s way of preparing to hunt.

The internet belongs to cats. That is the undeniable truth that is proven by millions upon millions of cat pictures, videos, memes, and gifs. And while some say that Instagram belongs to influencers of one type or another, we’d argue differently. One of the kitties who’s taking Instagram by storm is Chaco, a 3-year-old cat from Japan. His unique niche? Photos of various poses where he looks like he’s dancing! From gracefully flying mid-air like a ballet dancer to spinning on the ground like a true breakdancer.


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