Arbez Hotel: One part of which is in France and the other in Switzerland !!!


Have you ever imagined while staying at one hotel you would be present in two countries at the same time?  Never, Rite!! Today Let’s know about one such hotel. Arbez Hotel is located in La Cure area of Geneva. This hotel is also known as Arbez Franco-Suisse Hotel. Arbez Hotel comes in both France and Switzerland and this hotel has two addresses.

Actually, the special thing about this hotel is that the border of France and Switzerland passes between this hotel. This is the reason that this hotel has two addresses. While staying within this hotel, people reach from one country to another.

The Arbez Hotel has also been divided keeping in mind the border of the two countries as if the hotel bar is in Switzerland and the bathroom is in France. All the rooms in the hotel are divided into 2 parts. The double beds in the rooms are set in such a way that half of these are in France and half in Switzerland, the pillows are also different according to the two countries.

Built by a private landowner and businessman especially to take advantage of an impending border adjustment between the two countries, the structure was originally used as a grocery store (its Swiss portion) and a pub (the French half). Today, the entire building houses a hotel, whose dining room, kitchen and several rooms are bisected by the boundary.