Amazing Moments Captured in Perfectly Timed Photos!!


You must be looking for some amazing pictures, since, you are on this post. Don’t be disappointed folk, we bring you the most amazing perfectly timed photo in this post, actually photos! Which one is the best one, please comment. We hope you like all of these anyways.

Monkey seems to take advantage of wind pushing up skirt of the woman. What a Perfect Timing to click a picture!

Monkey and Woman in Perfectly Timed Photo

This Naughty kid seems like ignoring camera-person’s “more obvious call”, look here, guys!

Perfect Coaster to take a Sip!

Perfect Shadow Connection. Don’t look at the Boy or Girl folk, look at where a “more smart dog” is looking at! What a Perfectly Timed Photo!!

Perfectly Timed Photo of a Woman and her kid. Do you notice how Mom’s arm is merged into kid’s and extended into the t-shirt? Confusing, no?

Save a Life with a helping hand!

Prove it…! What? Guess folks!!.. 😉

This “Three Headed Stag” is not a trick of Photography at all. The only confusion is, which one is standing in the middle, the right one or the left one? Not the middle one, for sure?!

Perfect Couple. Don’t mock true love dude! Who the hell posted this photo here? team??!!

What’s in there, I always wanted to know. I got the chance this time and the enough dare to do it, right in front of her. Thank god she don’t mind it either!!