5 most expensive books in the world !!


5 most expensive books in the world !!

Everyone reads books, but only the person who has written and read books can know or understand the importance of books. There will be very few of us who are desperate to buy the book even before the book is released. There are some books in the world, knowing the value of which you will not be able to believe that can they really be worth so much?

Today we are going to tell you about 10 such books of the world, knowing the value of which you will also be surprised ..

The Codex Leicester








Author: Leonardo da Vinci
Price: 30.8 million dollars (about 200.2 crores)

The Codex Leicester Book is a handwritten manuscript written by Leonardo da Vinci and contains a total of 72 pages. The first manuscript of this book was purchased by Thomas Cook in 1717. Later in 1980, Leicester State bought it from Armand Hammer and they had this book for about 14 years. The book is currently owned by Bill Gates, the world’s richest person. Bill Gates bought this book for 200.2 crores which is a world record.

The Gospel of Henry the Lion, Order of St. Benedict








Price: $ 11.7 million (Rs 76.05 crore)

The Gospel of Henry the Lion Book deals with Christianity. The Gospel of Henry the Lion Book has a total of 266 pages. This book is related to 12th-century Roman culture. The government of Germany bought this religious book in 1983 for 8,140,000 pounds ($ 11.7 million).

Birds of America











Author: James Audubon
Price: 11.5 million (about 74.75 crores)

The book Birds of America is written by American bird naturalist and painter, John James Audubon, which shows a wide variety of birds in the United States. A copy of the book was auctioned in 2000 for $ 8,802,500 and the second edition was auctioned in London after nearly 10 years, selling the book for $ 11.5 million.

Canterbury Tales










Author: Geoffrey Chaser
Price: $ 7.5 million (Rs 48.75 crore)

The Canterbury Tales is the last and best composition written by the famous poet Geoffrey Chaser of England. The first edition of the Canterbury Tales was auctioned in London in 1998 and the book was sold for $ 7.5 million.

First Polio











Author: William Shakespeare
Price: 6 million dollars (39 crores rupees)

William Shakespeare was a great playwright, poet, and actor in English literature. His plays have been translated into almost all major languages. His plays were auctioned at the Christie location in New York and were purchased by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen for $ 6 million.