15 most Bizarre Dishes in the World


If you are fond of unusual recipes you might want to see other countries, these recipes on your plate.15 given here may seem strange to hear the strange dishes in different parts of the world increased by hobby is eaten.

1. Dragonfly – Indonesia

Boiled or fried as a special treat, these mosquito-eaters are caught by brandishing a slender palm-wood stick dipped in sticky tree sap and then just waiting for them to land. dragonfly taste is like soft shell crabs.

2. Starfish – China

The Starfish dish is very popular in China. Starfish taste just like the brain area of the crab.

3. Wasp Crackers – japan

The wasp dish is very popular in Japan. It is found 100 km from Tokyo.

4. Stink Bugs – Africa

Stink bugs insects are eaten in Africa. It can be eaten cooked or raw. Stink bugs would like to taste the flavor of apples and it is also involved in drugs.

5. Beondegi – Korea

Beondegi dish are very popular in Korea. The silk moth in Korea are eaten as snacks.

6. Fried spider – Cambodia

Fried spider is a regional delicacy in Cambodia. Fried spider are prepared by marinating it in MSG, sugar and salt and then frying it in garlic

7. Cicada – US, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia

CICADA  found in US, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia. Cicadas are usually tasteless but can be delicious when mixed with other flavors.

8. Waxworms

The larvae of the wax moth, in the wild wax worms are a parasite of bee hives. In captivity, they are fed on a diet of bran and honey.

9. Snake wine – China and Vietnam

The snake is made of wine drunk in China and Vietnam. It is believed that alcohol increases virility and masculinity in men. This wine is withdrawn before making snake venom.

10. Guinea Pig – New York City, South America

And the bottom of the guinea pig is eaten grilled. Its taste is like pork and rabbit meat.

11. Haggis – Scottish

Sheep’s stomach, lungs and heart mixed with oatmeal and spices cooked. Traditionally this dish is made from the stomach of an animal which is eaten in Scotland.

12. Blood Platter – Sweden, Finland

It is much like blood pudding, but as a pancake crispy pig’s blood is created. It is eaten in Sweden and Finland.

13. Tong Zi Dan

China’s cuisine is also known Verrjin boy eggs. Eggs in the urine or urine because it is made with little boys.

14. Jumiles – Mexico

Jumils are smelly insects are eaten in Mexico put in salsa.

15. Khash – Eastern Europe

Boil the soup is made of cattle hooves. It is found in eastern Europe.