10 most dangerous airports landings in the world


In terms of traveling long distances, flying on an airplane is the fastest and easiest way to get to your destination. The only problem is that flat stretches of the runway aren’t always available in certain places. This means that pilots have to be particularly skilled to land on a runway that juts out from a mountain or one that appears in a narrow valley. Here are 10 of the most dangerous airports in the world to land.

Saba Airport

Saba Airport is located on Saba Island, 28 miles south of the Netherlands. The runway of Sabah International Airport is smaller than the runways of all the world’s airports. Its total length is 400 meters (1300 feet). The landing strip of this airport is wonderful and challenging.

Toncontin Airport

In Secunderabad international airport, you have to go through the mountains for a safe landing. It is located in a valley above sea level of 3294 feet (1,004 meters). To land at the airport at Sankranti Airport, the 45,000-degree angle has to reach the airstrip located in the valley below 7,000 feet. Due to the surrounding hilly terrain, travelers have to face difficulties while landing on the runway. The pilot faces many problems due to frequent high wind speeds.

LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport offers very beautiful views while landing. LaGuardia Airport’s runway is 7,000 feet long and it has been increased 196 feet and above, which is above the water. Looking at the airport location, it is known that it is located just eight miles from the city of Midtown Manhattan.

Courchevel Airport

Kursevel Airport is just 525 meters long. The runway has been given 18.5% slopes, which generate very dangerous conditions in front of the pilot when landing at the airport and fly.

Wellington Airport

Wellington Airport starts at 6,351 feet runway and ends in blue water. Wellington Airport is very nice to see, but it is very difficult to fly.

Kai Tak Airport

Ticking and take-off in many Tuck Airport is just like risking yourself. A crowd of people near the airport and the high-rise building here cause the biggest problems in landing.

Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport is known as Tenzing-Hillary Airport. The name of this airport is named after two men, who had won the first time on Mount Everest.

Antartica Airport

Antarctica is the coldest place. There are no definite runways in Antarctica. While landing, only the long strip of ice is visible and landing on that track is challenging.

Princess Juliana Airport

This airport is one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean. The length of this airport is less than 7,150 feet. Large planes require at least 10,000 feet to fly. At least 8,000 feet is needed to do the safe landing.

Paro Airport

It is at the top of the most dangerous airports in the Himalayas. Only eight pilots have succeeded in landing the plane here. 1.5 miles from the sea level and surrounded by 18,000 feet high peaks. The runway is only 6,500 feet long. Paro Airport is the world’s most dangerous landing airport. Paro Airport is the world’s most dangerous airport among the steep mountains of the Himalayas.