10 Important and Good Things about True Friends


In the success in our lives there is an important role of a few special people. Their company makes us feel happy and good. Among such persons some of them might be from your family while others from society or relations. In this list of such people, true friends are on the top. To find a true friend is a challenge and to get them is a blessing in itself.

But the problem is, how to identify a true friend? I have tried my level best to compose a list of 10 tips using which you might know some of the characteristics of a true friend. Using these tips you would easily be able to differentiate between true and fake friends.

1. They never backbite you

True friends never show artificiality or pretend to be something they are not. If your friend shares your personal secrets with others, believe me he/she is not a true friend. Get rid of this fellow as soon as possible.

2. They don’t  Humiliate you


Your good friends never try to make you feel awkward or embarrassed. They talk to you peacefully and don’t try to make relationship complex. They talk about your virtues and not about your shortcomings. However, they would mention your shortcomings in order to motivate you rather than in order to humiliate you.

3. They don’t start fruitless debate.


Your true friend will never involve you in a fruitless debate. He/She considers you his/her friends like you the way you are he/she never treats you as a competitor. He never initiate a debate in which you never win.

4. True friends listen to you


Trued friends listen to and understand you. They don’t jump in while you are talking. A friendship cannot keep in balance when one person is talking and other person is interfering. You must listen to your friend if you wanted to be a good friend.

5. They don’t discourage you from pursuing your goals


True friends never discourage you to achieve your goals. A good friend points out your shortcoming hindering your personal growth. They won’t do it out of mercy or hatred, but only because they want you to grow and shine. They inspire you to move forward.

6. They don’t look down on you for your past.


A good friend will not talk about your past. Even if you tell them about your mistakes or bad past he/she would advise you to forget it and only to take a lesson from it. They won’t use it as a source of entertainment among other friends of theirs.

7. Best friend for ever


A good friend is emotionally wise. He won’t discard you because someone has a bad opinion about you. When, during your bad times, no one is with you a true friend won’t isolate you.

8. They never get jealous of yours success.


Your good friend is never jealous of your success. He/She knows that your success is greatest joy for them as well. They know that your success is result of your hard work. They celebrate your success with whole heart and they enjoy it with you.

9. They do not try to judge


A true friend never judges you. He/She never tries to judge whether how bad, good, perfect or imperfect you are. He/She accepts you whatever you are, because he/she knows that he/she is not perfect as well. He neither taunts you for your shortcomings nor he isolates you for your shortcomings.

10. Not a ‘Time Pass’ friendship


Your true friend does not do time pass friendship, but they fulfill friendship for life long. They are always ready to help you whenever you are in need. He is the person whom you remember whenever you need someone close and he/she does not disappoint you.

If you have friends who have all the characteristics mentioned above,  believe me you are really fortunate and you won’t want to lose such friends ever.