Extremely rare photos skipping which would mean a big chance missed!!


Our Mother Earth is full of events. It is full of diversity of nature, culture and people. We see number of pictures everyday and want more something more awesome, adorable, historically important, wonderfull and relishing. I have collected a set of 10 Extremely Rare Photos which you don’t find generally and easily.

1. Geysers before eruption, Iceland

Before a Geyser erupts, it’s water forms a massive blister, making it an extremely rare yet beautiful sight to see it. It eventually explodes into a fountain in which the water goes as high as 40 feet.


2. Sand Storm in Western Australia in 2013

Incredible wall of sand whipped up by cyclone hit remote stretch of Western Australia coast in January 2013. Strong winds carried the sand from the Indian Ocean to the north-western town of Onslow.


3. 360 degree rainbow

On  October 2014 NASA posted a photo, taken over Cottesloe Beach, Australia, as the “Astronomy Picture of the Day”. It was taken from a helicopter that was flying between a downpour and a setting sun. In very rare circumstances it is possible to see a full 360 degree rainbow from an airplane.

360 degree rainbow Extremely Rare Photos

4. Climbers, Mount Everest in 2013

In this one of the Extremely Rare Photos climbers are heading to the summit of Mt Everest on May 19, 2016. (Photo: Karma Sherpa). With the closure of the climbing season 2016, at least 456 climbers, including 199 foreigners, stood atop Mt Everest from Nepal side.


5. Daytona Beach in 1957

Daytona Beach is a city on Florida’s Atlantic coast. The beach has hard-packed sand where driving is permitted in designated areas.


6. George Washington’s teeth.

In one of the extremely rare photos George Washington’s dentures are shown. Many believe that because of infirmities in his dentures Washington is never shown smiling. They were fashioned of lead, wire, ivory, bone, and human and animal teeth. They were big, bulky, and uncomfortable.


7. Hitler’s office

Adolf Hitler’s huge office in the Chancellery, Berlin, Germany, in the late 1930s or early 1940s.


8. Eggs of the Octopus.

Female octopuses lay their eggs and painstakingly weave them together into strands. They then sit guard for weeks, months and sometimes as long as a year.


9.The end of the Great Wall of China

Old Dragon’s Head: Where The Great Wall of China Meets the Sea. This section of the Wall extends about 23 meters out into the Bohai Sea, and it is possible to walk out onto the Wall and look over the edge directly down into the water below. Laolongtou was built in 1579 in the Ming Dynasty.


10. Alan Shepard

In last but not least of our extremely rare photos this is a photo of Alan Shepard in space suit who was the first American who went into space in May 1961 when he made the first manned Mercury flight.  He became the second person, and the first American, to travel into space, and the first person to manually control the orientation of his spacecraft.