The most polluted place in the World


Polluted place: The “Karachi” (Karachi) lake located in Russia was used for the dumping of radioactive substances in the 1960s. Now this place is the place with the most radioactive pollution in the world. At this place, if a person or animal lives for an hour, then it is certain to die. This lake is in the Ural Mountains of Russia. But you will not even try to get closer to this place, because this place is a ‘silent killer’. This place has been emitting fatal radiation for the past 60 years.

After 1951, the Soviet Union used this place as a nuclear waste or as a dumping ground in the West, when nuclear weapons were prepared in nearby cities. In 1948 a nuclear reactor was prepared here. Dangerous atomic materials from the production started to be thrown into the nearby river. The most useless substances were thrown in the Teka river found here. This river provided water to 39 towns. After some time this river was completely contaminated.

Now the dam has been built on this river to prevent further spread of radioactivity. If this tiebreaks, then in the river, the stationery will spread to the entire Antarctic Ocean and contaminate the entire Antarctic with radioactive.