Haunted Places in united Kingdom


Some people believe that ghosts, ghosts, and spirits exist, whereas some people do not believe in all these things. So come, we have brought some similar things about Britain. These are the scariest places in the United Kingdom that will be seen by seeing or knowing your routes.

Highgate Cemetery, London

The Highgate Cemetery of London looks like a horror movie overnight. This is one of London’s most scary places. This graveyard is very big. In this graveyard, many people have claimed to see vampires who have been roaming in the graveyard on the day they arrived. In addition to the largest cemetery around the world, it is also famous for the grave of Karl Marx worldwide. This cemetery was started in 1839.

Culloden Moor, near Inverness, Scotland

In Scotland, on 16 April 1746, a terrible battle was fought on the wastelands of Koldon, in which a large number of Jacobite rebels were murdered. These killings were done to suppress highland customs and traditions. It is believed that the ghosts of dead soldiers and people on the anniversary of this war are alive and the voices of their crying, shouting voices and the collision of weapons are heard clearly.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of Britain’s most favorite and attractive places. It is believed that this tower is also home to many dead people. Some people do not consider it surprising because at this place innumerable people were tortured and people’s heads were cut off. Most of the time this place has seen the ghost of the princess here. He was murdered by his uncle-aunt Richard and Anne Boleyn. This tower comes with a strange smell and shouting sounds.

Raynham Hall, United Kingdom

It is believed that this is the UK’s most scary place. Here is the ghost of a brown lady. People call this ghost as a brown lady because she needs to wear brown color clothes. The ghost that appears in this palace is the soul of Britain’s first Prime Minister’s sister, Dorothy Walpole. It is believed that he was caught loving with a local lord here. He was later imprisoned in a room of Rainham Hall. He died and his soul wandered in this building since then. Dorothy’s ghost has been claimed to be seen many times.

Borley Rectory, ESSEX

Borle Rectory is not for the weak hearted. This is considered to be the most haunted house in England. The Borne Rectory house was built in 1863 for Henry Dawson Ellis Bull. It is also called the Victorian mansion. It is believed that in the 13th century, a nun from a church of Borne used to love a monk monastery. They were caught and both were killed. The monk was hanged while the non-monastery was buried in a brick-built cellar. Ghost-hunters consider it the UK’s most creepy home.